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  • Arlene S. Rosen, LMFT

Navigating Friendships And Family Relationships In The Age Of Covid-19

Who is doing this Covid-19 thing right? Guidance around what will keep ourselves and families safe seems like a moving target. We are all trying our best to socialize safely, minimize our isolation and the isolation of our children, and create some sort of, dare I say, new normal. Most of us are trying to understand CDC guidance, and remain and believe how we are behaving is the best practice. With all of these issues and considerations, how do we understand and manage our relationships? Are our friends/family living at the same level of conservatism? Are they socially distancing? Are they socializing with others who are socially distancing? These are daunting questions.

It is important to understand the people in our lives are trying to manage in the same way as we are, with blinders on, doing their best without an operations manual. It is important to understand, just simply understand. This is not meant to be redundant. If we choose to stand in a place of lack-of-judgment and attempt to understand another person’s perspective we, distance ourselves from judgment, rigidity, and damage to our important relationships. This prevailing message of understanding is the bridge to minimize the gap, thus, leading to agreements.

If you are struggling to navigate our new normal, reach out to schedule a virtual session today.


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