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When you began your romantic relationship, betrayal wasn’t something you anticipated experiencing. You entered into the relationship with mutual respect and trust that helped you nurture your emotional connection and cultivate a meaningful bond. Then something happened that you never anticipated. Your partner betrayed that trust by cheating (either physically, emotionally, or through a porn addiction). 

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you find out about their indiscretion. You feel violated, betrayed, broken, and alone. Your mind juggles through a litany of questions, asking things like, ‘‘what now?’ ‘where do I go from here?’ ‘why wasn’t I desirable enough’ ‘how will I ever trust anyone again?’. And, while it may not seem like it in the immediate aftermath of their indiscretion, there is hope. You can find a way to move past the betrayal and cultivate another meaningful, trusting relationship in the future. 

Many times we can’t take this step alone. Learning to understand the actions of others and how they’ve impacted our reactions is difficult to do without help. Having a guide to help you navigate the complex emotions caused when a partner or significant other betrays you can be crucial to finding your way to future healthy relationships. Arlene S. Rosen, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist experienced in helping individuals find their way back to healthy relationships post-betrayal.



I often tell my clients to expect to laugh during our sessions. Many people hold the notion that therapy must be a miserable, gloomy experience. While it is true the work we do together is serious and important, it can also be enjoyable. You can expect to feel safe and respected during session. We are working as a team to create meaningful solutions to improve your life. Therapy can be an empowering experience and one that leads to a healthier, happier you.

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